• Horticulture Innovation Australia has been awarded a $5 million grant to help increase Australia’s nut production capacity. The Rural Research and Development for Profit program funding complements a further $9.8 million from Hort Innovation, the Almond Board of Australia and the South Australian, Victoria and NSW governments. The funding will facilitate a four-year program that… Read more »

  • South Australia’s export performance is being questioned as key markets, such as China and India decline, yet agricultural exports are helping South Australia’s overall export performance, as they continue to be the mainstay of the economy. China continues to act as a drag on South Australia’s export performance with shipments to the key market down… Read more »

  • The dining boom isn’t about to make up for the end of the mining boom yet, but a new report suggests Australia’s food exports are at least headed in just the right direction. Rice, seafood, grapes and cider are some of the industries with the fastest-growing exports over the past five years, according to a… Read more »

  • Australian company offers world-first, all natural processing technology which stops browning of freshly cut avocado and prolongs shelf life for a minimum of 10 days Naturo All Natural Technologies (Naturo), an Australian food technology company, has developed world-first technology which is set to revolutionise the global avocado market and create a significant impact in the… Read more »

  • Australia’s dollar headed for its biggest gain in seven weeks after a government report showed exports added more to the economy in the first quarter than analysts forecast.  The Aussie was the best performer among the U.S. currency’s 16 major counterparts after the statistics bureau said net exports contributed 1.1 percentage points to gross domestic product,… Read more »

  • The country has posted a trade surplus for April as the fall in dairy prices was offset by a boost in fruit and timber exports. Official figures show exports exceeded imports by $292 million last month. Exports rose 4 percent to $4.3b, led by fruit such as golden kiwifruit and apples, and higher prices for… Read more »

  • CHINESE consumers are closer to wiping more Australian nectarine juice from their chins after the introduction of new import protocols by both countries. But a substantial amount of work needs to be done before that scenario materialises. From January 1, 2017, Australian nectarines will face a reduced tariff of 4 per cent in China, down… Read more »

  • The spike in avocado prices last January — with some outlets selling the fruit for $6 each — is unlikely to ever happen again, according to one of the industry’s biggest players in Western Australia. Jennie Franceschi runs one of the largest avocado packing and processing companies in WA, a state that produces more than… Read more »

  • LandWISE 2016 kicked off in Havelock North on Wednesday 25 May, and the first day of the event saw the unveiling of ground-breaking Hawke’s Bay onion research, which aims to boost New Zealand onion production. About 150 were at the presentation by sustainable land and water management consultant Dan Bloomer, based at the Centre for… Read more »

  • Fruit exports helped peg back declines in the value of dairy exports for April and delivered a trade surplus of $292 million for the month, the fourth consecutive monthly surplus. The annual trade deficit drew back from $3.8billion in March to $3.7billion for April, data from Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) showed yesterday. Both exports and… Read more »

  • Exports of a wide range of farm products such as rice, wheat, guargum, vegetables, dairy items and sesame seeds fell sharply in 2015-16 as agriculture shipments declined by a whopping 19.56 per cent to $24.24 billion compared to a 15.57 per cent overall decrease in goods exports. Worried about the decline in farm income, policy… Read more »

  • China could import up to one-quarter of the nectarines produced in Australia next year, as local growers plan to expand into the Chinese market with the lowering of trade tariffs. Australian-grown nectarines and peaches, both types of summerfruit, will be on their way to China as of Jan. 1 next year, and industry bosses have… Read more »

  • Australian vegetable growers will be provided with a practical overview of the export process at the Practicalities for Exporting Vegetables Symposium, to be held at RACV Royal Pines resort on the Gold Coast on Sunday 26 June 2016. The speaker program for the symposium will include experts from across the export supply chain, representatives from… Read more »

  • Columnist Kylie Lang writes that if fruit and vegetables were cheaper and truly fresh, more people would eat them. However, as it stands, groceries are high priced, while fast-food chains offer meal deals that are quick, easy and affordable. A new report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveals a diet low in… Read more »

  • An Asian market consultant has told fruit and vegetable growers to prioritise value-adding their produce if they want to tap into the opportunities for export. Noel Shield from Asia Project Management has 20 years experience dealing with retailers in Asia. At an agricultural export and logistics forum in Bundaberg, he told growers accessing foreign markets… Read more »

  • Presently, wheat is the big-ticket item in Australia’s exports to Indonesia, accounting for $A1.4bn of the total $A7bn. While it is likely that wheat will be a mainstay of agricultural exports well into the future, there are more food market opportunities for other Australian supplies, such as fruit and vegetables. More beef, more dairy, more… Read more »

  • This is mainly because of decline in shipments of major exportable items such as rice, buffalo meat and guargum in 2015-16. However, for a second year in a row, exports of buffalo meat exceeded that of Basmati rice. India’s agricultural and processed food exports fell by close to 20% in the last fiscal compared with… Read more »

  • Australia’s mango harvest has wrapped up, with the last pieces of fruit coming off trees in Victoria and New South Wales, as well as some farms in Queensland that grow a super-late variety called Brooks. Australian Mango Industry Association chief executive Robert Gray said demand for Aussie mangoes had been strong throughout the season, meaning… Read more »

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