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11th December, 2014

Frost this winter and inopportune rains caused complications for table grape growers throughout South America. Those complications led to a fall in production in several countries throughout the continent. “It was a complicated season for Latin American grapes,” said Jacques...

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10th December, 2014

Freppe is a series of ethylene removal and freshness extension solutions to eliminate ethylene, pathogens etc. and thus extend shelf life of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The product is manufactured by Indian company BeeChems who have been producing industrial...

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9th December, 2014

During the 2013 calendar year, almonds became Australia’s first horticultural industry to earn more than of $300 million in annual export revenue. Final sales figures for exports of the record almond crop harvested during March and April 2013 is estimated...

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7th December, 2014

Shoppers are spitting chips over the rising cost of washed potatoes amid reduced ­supplies. Disgruntled customers have reported $12 price tags for 3kg bags of basic cleanskin spuds at some supermarkets. Loose potato prices at some Victorian retailers have climbed...

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5th December, 2014

After 90-odd years of same flavour, guava is due to get a twist in its taste. Researchers at National Agriculture Research Project (NARP), in collaboration with Rahuri Agriculture University are developing a special ‘pink-pulp guava’. The research centre had developed...

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3rd December, 2014

MUMBAI – Bilateral trade between India and China has climbed to almost US$50 billion during the first nine months of the current fiscal year, higher than trade with any of India’s other trading partners, according to a study by the...

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1st December, 2014

India’s basmati exports to Iran have slumped as the Islamic nation has introduced a new set of standard for basmati rice imports. Iran is the largest importer of basmati rice from India and in the current fiscal the country is...

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29th November, 2014

Communications in the land of cross border business can make or break your business. Buyers and Suppliers should adhere to some etiquette while communication. language is a big barrier in world of languages. The world is a big place, but...

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1st November, 2014

The export of Australian grapes started a couple of weeks ago with air freight to Thailand and Hong Kong, the main volumes will come in in the next couple of weeks. The early varieties are well under way and the...

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