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Australia: Freshcut pineapple supply grew 18% in 5 years

Tropical Pineapples market pineapples from Australia’s largest group of pineapple growers, growing on the Queensland coast from Rollingstone in the north, right down to Beerwah in southern Queensland. As a group they supply 1 million trays of pineapples grown on around 1500 acres of land over 22 farms. Tropical Pineapples have a 45% share of the Australian market. The main variety is 73-50 and also some MD2 catering for all sizes and sectors, from mini’s up to extra-large. Everything is marketed under the well-known King of Fruit – Pure Gold brand.

The fresh cut market is growing significantly in Australia, Joe Craggs, Sales & Marketing Director, explains that they supply pineapples to fresh cut producers, “In the last five years it has grown from 2% to 20% of our production, it is an important and growing sector.”

Crownless pineapples are beginning to make an appearance in the European market, but according to Joe gold pineapples have always been sold crownless in Australia. “I think the Dutch have actually learnt that trick from us. 15 years ago when gold pineapples were introduced into Australia, the crown was taken off to be used as plant material and this has continued. This is mainly because we are a remote continent and it is the fastest way to propagate new material.”

Joe explains that demand is increasing in Australia and is currently matching supply, “At the moment we are not in the position to start exporting but it is certainly something we are looking at for the future. It would be during the Australian winter months of June, July, August and September when demand is lower at home.”

Asia and the Northern Hemisphere will be potential markets and the pineapples would be marketed as high quality Australian product.

Source: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/120211/AU-Freshcut-pineapple-supply-grew-18-procent-in-5-years