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AU: Snacking sector could boost fresh produce industry

According to Freshlogic managing director Martin Kneebone, opportunities exist within the snacking sector for the fresh produce industry. At the 2016 National Horticulture Convention on the Gold Coast last Friday 24 June, Kneebone presented data and perspectives on consumer snacking trends.
Mr Kneebone said there has been a shift in thinking, particularly in younger generations, when it comes to snacking trends, with many opting for healthier options with minimal waste.
They are also willing to pay for convenience. He said “workers on the go” were a particular sector that could be targeted. “Convenience is there; it’s in the behaviour,” Mr Kneebone said.
“They want snacks where they consume them or they want them in a portable form that they can carry to where they will eat them.”
According to the figures presented, the total snack food industry is worth $9.33 billion, equalling about 10 per cent of the food market.
Freshlogic research shows the two predominant snacking times are mid afternoon (38pc) and mid morning (35pc).
The majority of that snacking is done out of home meaning shoppers want to be able access easily consumed snacks without having to go to the grocery store.
He said 40pc of that snack food market is what is regarded as “healthy stuff”, including smaller portions of yoghurt and muesli bars.
There is a health and wellness impact within the snacking market which works for fresh produce, Mr Kneebone said.
That potential though will benefit some fresh produce sectors more than others, prompting the need for thinking about value adding.
“It’s quite hard to eat a mango on the run in the car,” he said.
“People struggle with a perishable product. They need it in a form that they will consume.”
In the wider grocery scene, Mr Kneebone also spoke on the opportunities for apples and pears.
He said apples have a unique platform through their brand awareness and an established new product pipeline.
Source: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/159945/AU-Snacking-sector-could-boost-fresh-produce-industry