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About Prosumer Group Pty Ltd

We are the exporters of all kinds of fruits, Nuts, Chickpeas & Lentils. We export to markets such as India, Thailand, Middle East, Africa& Asia. Our reputation is built on customer care and high quality products. If you are an Importer, Retailer or Commercial Agent looking for a reliable partner in India, Thailand and Middle East, you are at the right place. We are specialists in this field and can consistently deliver top quality fruits, Nuts, Chickpeas & Lentils at competitive prices.

Prosumer Group Pty Ltd is an established name in the world of fruits, Nuts, Chickpeas & Lentils, in India, Hong Kong, China and Newzeland. It has steadily grown in size, scope and reputation, to become the export and import powerhouse of today. It is a well managed company and has strong physical and financial muscle to fulfil even very large orders. We are one of the leading exporters of Grapes, and specialists in the case of Apple, Almonds and Pulses. We are doing more than 80% of our business in Grapes and Apples in India as well. We give customers high quality products as per their requested quantity, size and packing. We can supply all over the world.

We have a special division for the supply of all kinds of high quality fresh fruits and vegetables to hotels, restaurants, hypermarkets, supermarkets, catering, chip channels etc, as per the customers order and quotation. We have capacity and facilities like cold store to store large scale bulk quantity of all food stuff, vegetables and fruits.

The most recent phase of growth for the company has been the move into chickpeas and lentils. This now sees Prosumer Group offering marketing services for all pulses grown across all regions of Australia. Prosumer Group has established many strong trading relationships with the reputable key players in the world for grapes, Apples and Pulses. With a reputation for being a reliable company who always delivers, Prosumer Group is independent and is neither tied nor aligned with any single buyer and therefore can seek out the best return for local grain growers. Always delivering on promises and at the end of the day paying on time, has built the Prosumer Group reputation for being reliable with growers, and has become the preferred buyer for many growers. What’s more, virtually the whole Prosumer Group team is connected to country Australia and knows farmers and farming. It might be discrimination, but if a person isn’t from the country, chances are they won’t be working at Prosumer Group.

Importantly, when growers ring Prosumer Group there are no recorded messages, no pressing for option 1, 2, 3 etc. and no passing between “Departments”. It’s direct to the marketing team and because the same people have been in the company for many years, it’s usually to the same person every time. Being locally owned and operated, Prosumer Group Exports is here for the long haul and there is no hiding and no excuses, just honest and direct discussion with committed Australians working for the long term success of our growers, buyers and the Australian food industry.