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The growth of Australian exports into ASEAN

New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show horticulture exports have grown significantly over the past decade into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), making it one of Australia’s strongest trade partners. Across all goods and services, ASEAN is currently a ‘top three’ trade market in terms of value, behind China and Europe…. Read more »

Carrots hold key to beating cancer, say scientists

CARROTS could be key to beating cancer, according to scientists. They contain powerful ­cancer-busting chemicals, experts at Newcastle University have found. The natural compounds, known as poly­acetylenes, protect the plant from attack by pests and diseases. They occur only in veg­etables of the carrot family and a few other closely related species such as ginseng…. Read more »

Cherries on top for Chinese New Year

Australian and New Zealand cherries have reaped high prices in Shanghai ahead of the Lunar New Year   Cherries have once again been ticketed as the hottest selling fruit in the lead up to Chinese New Year on 19 February, with importers in Shanghai reporting strong sales for Australian and New Zealand cherries in particular…. Read more »

WAPA Releases Southern Hemisphere Apple & Pear Crop Forecasts

Representatives of key apple and pear producing and exporting countries from around the world met on 6 February 2015 at the recent Fruit Logistics fair in Berlin for the annual general meeting of the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA). During its annual meeting WAPA elected Mr. Daniel Sauvaitre (ANPP – France) as its new… Read more »

Australia and India to work jointly on clean fuel production

In a time when Australia’s liquid transport fuel supplies are declining and our transport needs are growing, a research partnership between Australia and India could provide a solution to a number of energy concerns and ultimately reduce the reliance of both countries on imported fuels. The widespread introduction of a clean-burning synthetic fuel, dimethyl ether… Read more »

Delicious Aussie mandarin is back in season

The delicious Aussie mandarin is back in season, with the sweet citrus fruit expected to be a winter favourite as consumers turn towards healthy ‘convenience foods.’ CEO of Prosumer Group , Hari Yellina, said as Australians become more health conscious, budget conscious and time poor, Aussie mandarins are emerging as a preferred snack option among not only the… Read more »

Australia’s citrus and nut growers positive about Japan FTA

Citrus Australia has welcomed the new Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement, which will progressively remove tariffs on mandarins, oranges and grapefruit. Japan has agreed to eliminate orange and mandarin tariffs over 10 and 15 years respectively. Orange tariffs during the peak of Australia’s season (June to September) are currently 16 per cent and mandarin tariffs,… Read more »

Fresh troubles in the offing for India’s basmati exports

India’s basmati exports to Iran have slumped as the Islamic nation has introduced a new set of standard for basmati rice imports. Iran is the largest importer of basmati rice from India and in the current fiscal the country is expected to import 10 lakh tonne of basmati. Talking to ET, MP Jindal, president, All… Read more »

How to communicate effectively across borders

Communications in the land of cross border business can make or break your business. Buyers and Suppliers should adhere to some etiquette while communication. language is a big barrier in world of languages. The world is a big place, but when it comes to conducting business online, distance is no longer an issue. But art… Read more »

Australian grapes poised to enter Korea and Japan

The export of Australian grapes started a couple of weeks ago with air freight to Thailand and Hong Kong, the main volumes will come in in the next couple of weeks. The early varieties are well under way and the main varieties Thompson and Crimson seedless, Crimson will start in 3-4 weeks along with Red… Read more »