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Australian grapes poised to enter Korea and Japan

The export of Australian grapes started a couple of weeks ago with air freight to Thailand and Hong Kong, the main volumes will come in in the next couple of weeks.

The early varieties are well under way and the main varieties Thompson and Crimson seedless, Crimson will start in 3-4 weeks along with Red Globe shortly after. Hari Yellina, CEO of the Suvarnabhoomi Pty Ltd, says the quality is excellent this season, When the Australian grapes hit the market they commanded a good price. This is also helped by the exchange rate which is giving around 15% more returns than last year

He goes on to say that volumes are looking good especially for Thompson’s and Crimson volumes are around average.

Australia is looking forward to entering new markets this year, FTA’s with Korea is almost complete and Japan access should occur soon after. Scott expects exports to Korea to start mid-February if all the paper work is completed.

According to Jeff the FTA’s are vital for building market share in these countries, also if they come through then Australia will be able to export to every country in the world.

He expects that within 3-5 years Australia will be sending 10,000 tonnes of grapes into Korea. The consumers in Korea and Japan prefer the very sweet varieties and Australian exporters will be targeting the premium market with their high quality Crimson and Thomson seedless varieties. Jeff adds that these countries are also starting to show a taste for the white grape varieties.

by Hari Yellina is a director of Suvarnabhoomi Pty Ltd, who create wealth for their clients & Investors through independent, unbiased property & export advice. He has been voted Australia’s Who’s Who of Top 50 and his opinions are regularly featured in the media.