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Freppe to extend freshness of fruit and veg by Hari Yellina

Freppe is a series of ethylene removal and freshness extension solutions to eliminate ethylene, pathogens etc. and thus extend shelf life of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

The product is manufactured by Indian company BeeChems who have been producing industrial chemicals for the last 42 years and produce maximum grades and varieties of adsorbents and desiccants. Freppe is produced and packed at the company’s manufacturing facilities.

“We can fine tune the adsorbent media granules in different qualities and combinations to suit individual needs,” explains Mr. S Bhalla,(CEO) from BeeChems.



Freppe! is specially developed to arrest over ripening, rotting and ageing of fresh fruits, ­flowers and vegetables. Made with natural occurring zeolites and oxidizers, Freppe! removes unwanted respiratory gas through the oxidation process, thereby ensuring the quality and freshness of the product while in transit or in storage.

“It eliminates decay, mould, discolouration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas. The use of Freppe! Protection products during postharvest handling of fruit and vegetables during storage and ripening, and during shipment by truck or sea container can effectively reduce gas concentrations and maintain product quality and shelf-life,” said Bhalla.

Freppe! Covers entire range of products like:

  • Sachets ( Tyvek and Non Tyvek)
  • Reefer Filter Tubes
  • Static Filters
  • Cube Filters
  • Dynamic Scrubbers
  • MAP Films