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Australian Citrus Season 2020

Welcome to our Newsletter! It is exciting to see the Citrus season starting up soon and we are here to update you on some information and we will continue to provide you all updates. Please see attached some photos of the Washington navels. The crop is looking very good thus far and we expect sizing… Read more »

Chinese news crew focuses on Australian citrus

IMAGES of this year’s citrus season in Sunraysia will be broadcast to an audience of more than 140 million people in China later this year. The huge nation’s love of Sunraysia navel oranges has brought a television crew from China Central Television in Beijing to the region this week to capture the fruit’s production process… Read more »

Citrus rootstock projects bear fruit for our Industry

A decades-long citrus rootstock project is bearing fruit for Australia and its international partner countries.  Successful rootstock selections from ACIAR trials were formally released to industry yesterday in Sydney. For the last thirty years ACIAR has collaborated with Australian state agricultural departments, industry peak bodies, and our Asian partner countries to improve citrus varieties, protect… Read more »

South Korean inspector eyes Aussie citrus

The program for citrus exports to South Korea is underway, beginning last Wednesday, June 7. Citrus Australia market access manager, David Daniels, said the inspector, Ms Su-Ji lee, arrived on Tuesday, June 6, and met with government officials. All citrus exports from Victoria and New South Wales must be inspected by the pre-clearance inspector prior… Read more »

South African citrus is gaining ground in the European markets

“There is optimism in the citrus market, particularly with the grapefruit season, which started even better than expected,” stated Diego Moeykens, general manager of Indiana Import. This French company also believes that “there are great prospects for Navel oranges, although we still need to be cautious,” affirms Moeykens, as the cracking problems that these oranges… Read more »