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South Korean inspector eyes Aussie citrus

The program for citrus exports to South Korea is underway, beginning last Wednesday, June 7.

Citrus Australia market access manager, David Daniels, said the inspector, Ms Su-Ji lee, arrived on Tuesday, June 6, and met with government officials.

All citrus exports from Victoria and New South Wales must be inspected by the pre-clearance inspector prior to departure. The program will run out of Seaway Logistics in Melbourne until August 30.

“While it is definitely going to be a difficult season to supply the Korean market with larger-sized fruit, we still expect well over a thousand tonnes to be exported,” David said.

“As an interesting aside, Ms Lee lives on Jeju Island – renowned for some of the best Satsuma mandarins in the world and where growers have got production down to a fine art.

“Ms Lee explicitly stated that even though Australian mandarins are not exported to Korea, their reputation for being sweeter and tastier precedes them.”

Source: Citrus Australia