• LENTIL prices are at sky high levels of $1000 a tonne, after a tight finish to the Australian season. The price offered for the pulse shot up more than $100 in a week to peak at $1015 last week for nipper lentils delivered to Port Adelaide. The same price has been offered for lentils this… Read more »

  • Growers will need to produce niche varieties and maximize production efficiency, marketers say. Washington state’s apple production will continue to expand, with a fresh crop of 200 million boxes possible in the future, two top marketers predicted during the Washington State Horticultural Association’s annual meeting in December. Robert Kershaw, president of Kershaw Fruit Company in… Read more »

  • 23rd January, 2015

    Australia hit by fire and flood

    Oz summer storms cause flood damage to infrastructure and produce. Australia has endured some dramatic weather in the last few weeks. Vicious bush fires in South Australia in the Adelaide hills.   Flash flooding in Western Australia up in Kimberley and more flooding just outside Darwin in Northern Territory.   Then, a forecast of a… Read more »

  • The drop in the Australian dollar value, free trade agreement signed with China, Japan and Korea combined with rising living standards of middle class in Asia is expected to grow the export market more stronger in 2015. The growing demand and lucrative prices in Asian countries are drawing local producers towards export markets, increasing the… Read more »

  • Australian Horticulture producers have high hopes for a free trade agreement with India, saying it has potential to be the next boom market and the destination for Australian fresh produce. Australia’s trade with India was worth $15 billion in 2013, which was 10 times lowers than its trade with China which is valued at $160 billion. However the… Read more »

  • by Hari Yellina The move comes as Poland is eyeing a greater presence on the Indian market, with Deputy PM and Economy Minister Janusz Piechocinski closing a three-day visit to Gujarat, Monday, with a delegation of almost 25 Polish businesses and government officials. The announcement was made by Poland’s Deputy Agriculture Minister Tadeusz Nalewajk following… Read more »

  • A European Union ban on import of Indian mangoes, including the famed Alphonsos, from May 1 and a resultant glut in supply is pushing down prices in the local market much to the delight of domestic consumers.The Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) fruit market in Vashi is receiving record supplies. “After the Sunday break, there was… Read more »

  • In a time when Australia’s liquid transport fuel supplies are declining and our transport needs are growing, a research partnership between Australia and India could provide a solution to a number of energy concerns and ultimately reduce the reliance of both countries on imported fuels. The widespread introduction of a clean-burning synthetic fuel, dimethyl ether… Read more »

  • The delicious Aussie mandarin is back in season, with the sweet citrus fruit expected to be a winter favourite as consumers turn towards healthy ‘convenience foods.’ CEO of Prosumer Group , Hari Yellina, said as Australians become more health conscious, budget conscious and time poor, Aussie mandarins are emerging as a preferred snack option among not only the… Read more »

  • Citrus Australia has welcomed the new Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement, which will progressively remove tariffs on mandarins, oranges and grapefruit. Japan has agreed to eliminate orange and mandarin tariffs over 10 and 15 years respectively. Orange tariffs during the peak of Australia’s season (June to September) are currently 16 per cent and mandarin tariffs,… Read more »

  • Banana farmers at Lakeland in far north Queensland are racing against the clock before Tropical Cyclone Ita hits late tomorrow night. They’re attempting to pick and pack as much fruit as possible. With gale force winds expected to develop up to 220 kilometres from the centre of the cyclone by tonight, Lakeland’s biggest farm, Swiss… Read more »

  • The Australian cherry export season has concluded with 2,737 tonnes exported worth A$39.2 million. The result was 5.2 per cent below last year’s record volume though 25 per cent higher by value with higher unit values recorded aided by strong demand and a lower exchange rate Key results – October to February 2014 Hong Kong accounted for… Read more »

  • Frost this winter and inopportune rains caused complications for table grape growers throughout South America. Those complications led to a fall in production in several countries throughout the continent. “It was a complicated season for Latin American grapes,” said Jacques Joubert of Sudfruit. “Early grapes in Argentina were a total disaster because of late frost.”… Read more »

  • Freppe is a series of ethylene removal and freshness extension solutions to eliminate ethylene, pathogens etc. and thus extend shelf life of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The product is manufactured by Indian company BeeChems who have been producing industrial chemicals for the last 42 years and produce maximum grades and varieties of adsorbents and… Read more »

  • During the 2013 calendar year, almonds became Australia’s first horticultural industry to earn more than of $300 million in annual export revenue. Final sales figures for exports of the record almond crop harvested during March and April 2013 is estimated be about $350 million as the final part of the crop is sold at the… Read more »

  • Shoppers are spitting chips over the rising cost of washed potatoes amid reduced ­supplies. Disgruntled customers have reported $12 price tags for 3kg bags of basic cleanskin spuds at some supermarkets. Loose potato prices at some Victorian retailers have climbed by up to 20 percent and could rise further. Industry body AUSVEG spokesman Luke Raggart… Read more »

  • After 90-odd years of same flavour, guava is due to get a twist in its taste. Researchers at National Agriculture Research Project (NARP), in collaboration with Rahuri Agriculture University are developing a special ‘pink-pulp guava’. The research centre had developed the first variety of the fruit in 1926, after which they have now taken up… Read more »

  • MUMBAI – Bilateral trade between India and China has climbed to almost US$50 billion during the first nine months of the current fiscal year, higher than trade with any of India’s other trading partners, according to a study by the PHD Chamber of Commerce in India. “India’s direction of foreign trade has exhibited a structural… Read more »

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