Monthly Archives: March 2015

Falling dollar good news for farmers

A falling Australian dollar is good news for farmers. The value of farm exports are estimated to increase by nearly half a billion dollars for every one US cent fall in the currency. That’s the analysis of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences prepared for its annual conference in Canberra. The… Read more »

Record almond harvest starts for 2015

The almond industry says this year’s harvest is still on track to be Australia’s biggest crop ever. Harvest has started in the major growing areas of Sunraysia, Riverland and Riverina this week and will continue until April, depending on weather conditions. The world’s demand for almonds is growing each year, especially from countries like India… Read more »

Carrots hold key to beating cancer, say scientists

CARROTS could be key to beating cancer, according to scientists. They contain powerful ­cancer-busting chemicals, experts at Newcastle University have found. The natural compounds, known as poly­acetylenes, protect the plant from attack by pests and diseases. They occur only in veg­etables of the carrot family and a few other closely related species such as ginseng…. Read more »