Parboied Long Grain Rice

A medium to large apple with a medium sweetness and scrip white, juicy flesh. Great in salads.
Red Delicious are a crimson to dark red apple, characterized by five distinct crowns on the base.It has a sweet, highly aromatic, creamy, white flesh.

Red Delicious is popular in many dessert dishes.

Red Delicious originated in Iowa, USA during the early 1870’s. A number of strains exist including Hi-early.

Risotto Rice

Perfect for baking and a great eating rice.
Cripps Red (sold as Sundownerâ„¢) have a dark red skin and round shape. Its most prominent feature is white markings called lenticels that occur naturally on the skin.

Sugar levels in Cripps Red apples (sold as Sundownerâ„¢) improve with storage, making them a sweet, flavoursome apple, perfect for baking.
Cripps Red (sold as Sundownerâ„¢) is a cross between a Golden Delicious and Lady Williams, and it originated in Western Australia.

Red Cargo Rice

Large with a firm, sweet, crisp juicy flesh. Excellent in salads, sauces and pies.

Cripps Pink (sold as Pink Ladyâ„¢) has a pink blush over a greenish yellow base skin. Known as the Queen of apples, it is a crisp apple with a dense, firm flesh and an excellent, almost effervescent flavour. Cripps Pink (sold as Pink Ladyâ„¢) has a high sugar content making it perfect for cooking.

Cripps Pink (sold as Pink Ladyâ„¢) was developed in the 1970s by John Cripps in Western Australia, and is a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams.

Basmoti Rice

Popular in tarts and pies, can also be caramelized for cakes and muffins.

Golden Delicious has a bright yellow to golden skin colour, sometimes with a pink tinge. It is at its best when the skin turns from green to gold.

It is excellent as an eating apple, with its crisp, creamy, white flesh, which is sweet, tasty and juicy.
Golden Delicious originated in 1912 in West Virginia, USA.