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Grapes Season 2018

Table Grapes Season 2019!!

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In this online correspondence we will emphasise about the current situation in table grapes for the year 2019 and updates on harvest.

Prosumer Group Visited few Farms this week and crop looking very healthy as the berries sizes coming up nicely and good big bunches were seen as well.

Attached pictures will give you some insight on what to expect this coming season, stay tuned for more updates on other varieties like Red Globe , Autumn Royal and Thompson seedless.

Some growers will be ready by end of January and some will be late and we will keep you informed on the progress of the harvest.

As per experts and when we spoke to few farmers  they were seeing less crop on some wines and more on some wine, as of today it is going to be a fantastic year.

First three images are of Crimson seedless and the last image which is partially coloured is Sweet Sapphire.

Without a crop estimate pricing is impossible to set, but we should have an indication shortly after new years eve.