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Australian Cherries

Current update on cherries from Northern Victoria – Kyabram (Goulburn Valley)

Harvest is looking to be around the 26th of November- Last year was the 1st December

Flowering has been very good but we have had a cold spring so far which is looking to continue- growers need to be right on top of their sprays as this is crucial time of when mites breed and grow.

2 photos attached- 1st one is with no covers over the trees, this helps better pollination.
After which they roll out the covers and photo from last year a week later than now, with covers over the trees. This is the only fully covered 500 tonne crop in the region


Without a crop estimate pricing is impossible to set, but we should have an indication shortly

5Kg boxes by air  (traditional 5kg per photo attached)

  • 24mm-26mm
  • 26mm-28mm
  • 28mm-30mm
  • 30mm-32mm

BAGS random weight but 8kg net box (picture attached of the bag and the bag in the box. Note we ship in a zip lock back but leave it open to avoid condensation
24-26mm 8kg (12 bags)
26-28mm 8kg (12 bags)


We have an auto packer for the clam shell but its more expensive than the bags. We can do 500gm or 750gm punnets. Picture attached. Cost is a bit more per kg and we can customise a label for you.