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Australian Table Grapes

This time of the year is very favorable for table grapes due to maturity in fruit with all attributes which are Color, Sweetness, Firmness and acid levels. Right now Crimson seedless are most popular grapes in Australia and are in great demand for export to various countries.

Why Australian table grapes? lot of people can ask these questions and why these grapes are expensive than other countries. Here are some answers for the questions.

These grapes are certified and thoroughly inspected by department of Agriculture.
Enormous amount of volumes available for exports.
Shorter shipping times to Asian countries which keeps the produce fresh.
Highest food safety standards across the board.
Last but not least – premium quality with good taste and well presented.
Currently the following grapes are available for export, any interest please contact our sales and marketing team.

Photos are shown in the below order.
Crimsons seedless
Autumn Royal – Black seedless
Red Globe seeded.
long Thompson’s seedless
Thompson’s seedless

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