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Free trade agreement with India brings huge hope for Australian Fruits and Vegetable producers

Australian Horticulture producers have high hopes for a free trade agreement with India, saying it has potential to be the next boom market and the destination for Australian fresh produce.

Australia’s trade with India was worth $15 billion in 2013, which was 10 times lowers than its trade with China which is valued at $160 billion. However the new trade agreement combined with astronomical rate of rising affordability and living standards,India as the potential to mirror China’s growth in the following years.

Unlike trade with several other Asian countries, the trade with India seems to become easier, with great support from political parties in the recent times. Improved access to India also comes as good news for an Australian horticulture industry that’s recently been shut out of some Asian markets.

Australia could see an astronomical growth in exports to India in the coming days, as comparted to China where the country has increased the exports from five containers to 800 in just four years’ time. The Trade Minister Andrew Robb is leading a business and government trade delegation to India this week, aiming to continue laying the groundwork for a free trade agreement (FTA), The chairman of the Australian Horticultural Exporters’ Association, David Minnis, supports that push.