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Red lentil – PBA JUMBO

PBA Jumbo is a high yielding large seeded red lentil with a grey seed coat that is mid flowering and maturity similar to Nugget. It is targeted as a replacement for Aldinga and is well suited to no-till inter-row sowing into standing stubble. It is R to foliar and seed ascochyta blight but MS to botrytris grey mould which may require timely management. Tolerance to soil boron and salinity is similar to PBA Flash. PBA Jumbo is suited to medium to high rainfall regions where it produces uniform larger seed size well suited to premium large red split markets.

Nutritional Information

Lentil is mostly used for human consumption but tend to have poor protein quality as they are low both in sulphur amino acids and tryptophan. The protein is, however, highly digestible. They are lower in fat than chickpea and are a good source of iron. Lentils have a shorter cooking time than other pulses.