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Red lentil PBA HERALD XT

PBA Herald XT is a small red seeded lentil best adapted to longer growing seasons with medium to higher rainfall. It is the first lentil with improved tolerance to imazethapyr with an interim permit for pre or post-emergent application in 2012 13. It has improved tolerance to the herbicide flumetsulam plus reduced sensitivity to some sulfonylurea and imidazolinone herbicide residues. It is important to note that growers must adhere to product label rates, plant back periods and all label directions for use. PBA Herald XT is targeted as a replacement for Nipper in medium to higher rainfall areas. PBA Herald XT is R to foliar and seed ascochyta and MR to botrytis grey mould. Disease resistance will assist achieving high grain quality.

Nutritional Information

Lentil is mostly used for human consumption but tend to have poor protein quality as they are low both in sulphur amino acids and tryptophan. The protein is, however, highly digestible. They are lower in fat than chickpea and are a good source of iron. Lentils have a shorter cooking time than other pulses.