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Red lentil – PBA FLASH

PBA Flash is a high yielding red lentil with a medium seed size and is suited to all current lentil growing areas but particularly shorter season growing areas where its higher yield and earlier maturity improves reliability of yield, especially in lower yielding situations. It has improved tolerance to boron and salinity compared to Nugget, which along with its height and erectness, has contributed to its popularity in the Mallee. Like PBA Bolt, PBA Flash is a good variety for timely crop topping to control weeds. It is MS to ascochyta blight, S to botrytis grey mould. PBA Flash has improved standing ability at maturity relative to other lentil varieties which may make it more prone to pod drop in windy environments, timely harvest is required. It is well suited to medium red lentil grain markets, similar to Nugget, particularly for splitting.