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Red lentil – PBA BOLT

PBA Bolt is a medium sized red lentil with grey seed. Adapted to the Mallee and northern Wimmera. While similar to PBA Flash with early maturity and salinity tolerance, it is better in the southern Mallee as it is MR to foliar ascochyta blight and R to seed ascochyta blight. MS to botrytis grey mould. Like PBA Flash, PBA Bolt is a good variety for timely crop topping to control weeds. An erect habit and good lodging resistance make it easier to harvest in dry conditions.

Nutritional Information

Lentil is mostly used for human consumption but tend to have poor protein quality as they are low both in sulphur amino acids and tryptophan. The protein is, however, highly digestible. They are lower in fat than chickpea and are a good source of iron. Lentils have a shorter cooking time than other pulses.