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Kabuli type – GENESIS TM 090

Genesis 090 has good ascochyta blight resistance and is likely to require only one fungicide application during podding. It has shown wide adaptation and excellent yield stability, including in drier environments. Genesis 090 has a smaller seed, approximately 1mm smaller than that of Kaniva. Genesis 090 has the potential to be grown as a good alternative to desi chickpeas or as a higher yielding but lower value alternative (smaller seed) to kabuli’s such as Almaz and Nafice.

Nutritional Information

Chickpeas are a very good source of carbohydrates and proteins which altogether constitute about 80% of the total dry seed weight. Starch, which is the principal carbohydrate component, varies in content from 41-50% and is lower in Desi varieties than in Kabuli varieties. Total seed carbohydrates vary from 52-71%. The crude protein content of chickpea varieties ranges from 16-24%. Crude fibre, an important constituent of chickpeas is mostly located within the seed coat.
Based on amino acid composition, the proteins of chickpea seed were found, on average, to be of higher nutritive value than those of other grain legumes. Chickpeas meet adult human requirements for all essential amino acids except methionine and cysteine, and have a low level of tryptophan. Chickpeas have a high protein digestibility and are richer in phosphorus and calcium than other pulses.