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Australian Citrus Season 2020

Welcome to our Newsletter! It is exciting to see the Citrus season starting up soon and we are here to update you on some information and we will continue to provide you all updates. Please see attached some photos of the Washington navels. The crop is looking very good thus far and we expect sizing… Read more »

Grapes Season 2018

Table Grapes Season 2019!! Welcome to our newsletter! In this online correspondence we will emphasise about the current situation in table grapes for the year 2019 and updates on harvest. Prosumer Group Visited few Farms this week and crop looking very healthy as the berries sizes coming up nicely and good big bunches were seen… Read more »

Australian Cherries

Current update on cherries from Northern Victoria – Kyabram (Goulburn Valley) Harvest is looking to be around the 26th of November- Last year was the 1st December Flowering has been very good but we have had a cold spring so far which is looking to continue- growers need to be right on top of their… Read more »

Indonesia boost for Australian exporters

Australian farmers and produce exporters will have tariffs reduced and be able to export more agricultural products to Indonesia, after the coalition government signed the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA). Key agricultural outcomes of the IA-CEPA include immediate tariff cuts on mandarins, potatoes and carrots as well as increased duty-free access for oranges and limes. Read further details… Read more »

Australian Asparagus

Dry weather set to deliver bumper asparagus crop Dry weather might be the scourge of many crops but for Aussie asparagus growers it could mean one of the best crops in years. Australian Asparagus Council president, Alex Motta, said this year’s crop is on track to be one of the best, with the good year of preparation… Read more »

Separating ripe and unripe fruit eases the squeeze on avocados

A new initiative to stop shoppers squeezing avocados to test the fruit’s ripeness has resulted in a halving of bruised fruit and higher avocado sales. Research conducted earlier this year had found 97 per cent of customers gave avocados a squeeze to test ripeness before buying, which was leading to brown marks on the flesh once the… Read more »


‘Readycado’: Sensor alerts avo lovers when fruit is ready to eat Avocado squeeze tests might soon be a thing of the past with the launch of a new, sensor-driven technology designed to detect if the fruit is perfectly ripe. The Avocado Firmness Decision Aid Tool, nicknamed ‘Readycado’, was recently revealed at Queensland’s annual agricultural show,… Read more »

Australian Mangoes

Conditions perfect for solid mango crop and good news for Mango Lovers around the globe. North Queensland mango growers are preparing for an early November harvest, with trees in full flower across the region. Conditions have been perfect for a solid mango crop with dry weather and nice cool mornings. Dale Williams, the owner of one of the North’s… Read more »

Australian Table Grapes

This time of the year is very favorable for table grapes due to maturity in fruit with all attributes which are Color, Sweetness, Firmness and acid levels. Right now Crimson seedless are most popular grapes in Australia and are in great demand for export to various countries. Why Australian table grapes? lot of people can… Read more »

Table Grapes Season 2018!!

Table Grapes Season 2018!! We are getting ready for another exciting grapes season and so far mother nature has been cooperating all our growers. Team from the Prosumer Group has been visiting farmers from Mildura and Robinvale regions from the past two months to inspect grapes from the time of flowering. So far this season… Read more »

Chinese news crew focuses on Australian citrus

IMAGES of this year’s citrus season in Sunraysia will be broadcast to an audience of more than 140 million people in China later this year. The huge nation’s love of Sunraysia navel oranges has brought a television crew from China Central Television in Beijing to the region this week to capture the fruit’s production process… Read more »

Citrus rootstock projects bear fruit for our Industry

A decades-long citrus rootstock project is bearing fruit for Australia and its international partner countries.  Successful rootstock selections from ACIAR trials were formally released to industry yesterday in Sydney. For the last thirty years ACIAR has collaborated with Australian state agricultural departments, industry peak bodies, and our Asian partner countries to improve citrus varieties, protect… Read more »

South Korean inspector eyes Aussie citrus

The program for citrus exports to South Korea is underway, beginning last Wednesday, June 7. Citrus Australia market access manager, David Daniels, said the inspector, Ms Su-Ji lee, arrived on Tuesday, June 6, and met with government officials. All citrus exports from Victoria and New South Wales must be inspected by the pre-clearance inspector prior… Read more »

South African citrus is gaining ground in the European markets

“There is optimism in the citrus market, particularly with the grapefruit season, which started even better than expected,” stated Diego Moeykens, general manager of Indiana Import. This French company also believes that “there are great prospects for Navel oranges, although we still need to be cautious,” affirms Moeykens, as the cracking problems that these oranges… Read more »

The growth of Australian exports into ASEAN

New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show horticulture exports have grown significantly over the past decade into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), making it one of Australia’s strongest trade partners. Across all goods and services, ASEAN is currently a ‘top three’ trade market in terms of value, behind China and Europe…. Read more »

Indian pear imports have doubled since 2001

Pear imports into the country are rocketing, with exporters across the globe targeting a growing demand for the fruit in India. According to figures published by the Indian government in 2015, India’s pear consumption has doubled between 2001-2002 and 2015-2016 period, reaching 365000 tonnes and Mumbai is the biggest consumer of pears in India. Interestingly,… Read more »

The ten most expensive fruits in the world

What is the most expensive fruit in the world? Japanese cube-shaped watermelon? Ruby red grape? Ginseng pears? Wrong! by Hari Yellina. The ten most expensive fruits of the world, from cheapest to most expensive, are: 10— Ginseng fruits – He Bei, China.  Inspired by “Jouney to the West” (one of the Four Classic novels of… Read more »

EU to postpone free trade agreement with Canada

The European Union decided to postpone its final decision on the CETA free trade agreement with Canada. A number of member states, chiefly Belgium and Romania, had earlier expressed concerns about CETA. EU trade ministers in Luxembourg failed to agree on the details on the free trade deal with Canada on Tuesday. The decision has… Read more »