Monthly Archives: August 2016

Zespri halts kiwifruit shipments to China

Zespri is developing a new testing regime to prevent delays at the Chinese border due to a recent risk notification issued by the country saying shipments had been found carrying a fungus that could cause fruit to rot in storage. As Zespri “weather tightens” shipments of the fruit to China, it is temporarily halting all… Read more »

India: Scientists invent sugar-free mangoes

The mango is India’s most popular fruit, but due to its high sugar content, diabetics are unable to eat it and unfortunately, India has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world.  But scientists are now trying to create a new form of sugar-less mango which will be safe for everyone. The mango… Read more »

Washington apple season on target

This year, weather depending, Washington is predicting a good apple season. According to Rebecca Lyons, International Marketing Director at the Washington Apple Commission, if the weather does not get any warmer before the beginning of this year’s harvest, Washington should yield the expected 168 million cartons of apples (fresh and processed), which will represent 64… Read more »