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Australian company offers world-first, all natural processing technology which stops browning of freshly cut avocado and prolongs shelf life for a minimum of 10 days

Naturo All Natural Technologies (Naturo), an Australian food technology company, has developed world-first technology which is set to revolutionise the global avocado market and create a significant impact in the associated food services, retail and manufacturing industries. The technology addresses some of the biggest obstacles currently facing the avocado industry, namely the fruit’s short life span and its reputation for unsightly browning once cut. The Australian invention not only stops the browning of cut (or pulped) avocado fruit for a minimum of 10 days when refrigerated (even after packaging is opened), but does so using a 100% natural process which preserves the nutritional properties and taste of the avocado without chemicals, additives, preservatives or processing aids.
The secret of Naturo’s ‘Natavo Zero’ technology, lies in the company’s ability to switch off the enzyme responsible for the fruit’s browning via pressure fluctuations generated by steam. The end result is 100% natural avocado and an innovation which delivers all the benefits the industry has been waiting for.
An important advantage of the Natavo Zero process is the elimination of potential pathogens beyond the limits set by the strictest international safety codes. This ensures that all Natavo Zero treated products are completely safe for the consumer.
Until the arrival of Natavo Zero, food safety had always been a major concern for the avocado processing industry. Safe processed products could only be produced using very expensive HPP technology and even then it could only be applied to avocado pulp (not cut avocados). The problem of fruit browning remained. Natavo Zero offers a safe and affordable processing solution which meets all food safety standards required to export avocado products to some of the fastest growing overseas markets including the USA, Asia and Europe.
The technology is capable of processing any cut of avocado or avocado pulp at the rate of about 4,000 avocado fruits per hour providing cost-effective, energy efficient and reliable processing via a machine Naturo has fondly named the ‘Avocado Time Machine’ (ATM). Each machine is designed and manufactured by Naturo to the customer’s specific requirements and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
After spending four years on research and development of the world-wide patented technology and founding their company late last year (2015), Naturo’s Directors, Frank Schreiber and Jeff Hastings said that now was the time to launch their Avocado Time Machine to the world.
Mr Hastings said that the technology has the potential to become the new industry standard. “By understanding the avocado’s lifecycle and the complex correlation of enzymes involved in the browning process, we have made it possible for the world to enjoy 100% natural, ready-to-eat avocado slices, dices, chunks or pulped products while retaining the flavor and fresh taste of avocado, without browning. “All products stay fresh for a minimum of 10 days when refrigerated, even after the packaging has been opened. That is very good news for the avocado industry and for the consumer”. Mr Schreiber said that the arrival of the technology would open up new markets and new opportunities for fresh and frozen avocado products. “Although there is a range of avocado products currently on the market, nearly all of them contain additives such as antioxidants, acids and preservatives which not only alter the taste of the fruit but do very little to stop the browning once the packaging is opened. “Our 100% natural technology not only preserves the taste, colour and shelf life of the avocado but provides complete peace of mind for the industry. Our Natavo Zero process and machinery complies with all international food safety standards, including US-FDA standards, and can even satisfy organic certification in its country of operation.”
Mr Hastings said that with avocados recognized as a delicious ‘superfood’ and demand growing, the result of a consumer purchasing an avocado from a grocery store was often disappointment.
“It is difficult for people to select, buy and enjoy the perfect avocado because more often than not the fruit has already deteriorated or started its browning process. “Additionally, the relatively high cost of avocados, combined with the fruit’s short shelf life makes it a challenge to incorporate the fruit into a daily diet, especially in countries which have no access to fresh avocados. Our technology changes all that. “We see Natavo Zero technology as a benchmark for innovation and quality in the avocado industry and expect that the consumer’s appetite for healthier, 100% natural and safe avocado products is realized by the local industry,” Mr Schreiber said. “An Australian company has already secured the opportunity to be the first processor to use the technology and we expect they will be producing avocado products later this year. “This is a rare win-win-win situation for everybody involved, it’s a win for avocado farmers, a win for the food industry and ultimately a win for consumers.”