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Export New Zealand up

New Zealand may not be the biggest horticultural producer in the world, but their export has increased significantly in recent years, a New Zealand Fresh Facts report shows. The total export value of the horticultural sector is 3.9 billion dollars, nearly seven percent more than in 2013.

For many products, the export increased in the past decades. While in 1985 the export was only 108.2 million dollars, last year it was over five times as much: 536.4 million dollars. Other products, like kiwis and avocados, are displaying a similar trend. Onions and pumpkins are the main export vegetables, with a turnover of 97.1 and 45.9 million dollars respectively. The biggest part of the export consists of wine, accounting for 1.3 billion dollars. The beverage accounts for 34 percent of the export. Combined with kiwis, apples and potatoes, these products make up 76 percent of the export.

Export markets
From the islands, products are shipped all over the world. The main export markets are Australia, the United States and Japan. Despite Japan being in third place, the export value to the Asian country has gone down since 2005. With an export value of 445 million dollars to Japan, it’s still well ahead of the United Kingdom, which is in fourth place with 398 million dollars.
At production level, things look rather different. The main export market for kiwis are Japan and the EU with 26 and 22 percent of the market respectively. The apple export is divided into continents, with Europe being the top destination with a 31 percent market share. Asia is second, with 33 percent. The main apple variety for export is the Royal Gala, with a 32 percent share, followed by the Braeburn at 22 percent. New Zealand exported to 64 countries in 2014. Ten years before, the country had 60 export markets.

Apples and avocados
The export of fresh fruit increased by 132.3 million dollars last year, compared to 2013. This increase is mainly due to the apple and avocado sectors. The apple export went up by 13 percent to 61.2 million dollars. The avocado export increased to 93 million dollars. In 2012, the export value of this fruit was 4 million dollars higher. The export of summer fruit went up by 27 percent compared to 2013, to a record value of 36.2 million dollars. Most of this export consists of cherries, accounting for 77 percent.
The vegetable export went up by one percent compared to 2013, to 609.9 million dollars, still below the 2011 record, when the export was 614 million. The export of fresh vegetables and processed products is combined in these figures. 221 million dollars’ worth of fresh vegetables were exported. The export was thus below the multiyear average, and 49 million dollars below the 270.2 million record from 2011. The main export market for fresh vegetables is Japan, followed by Europe.
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