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Chinese mango mission displays need

MANGOES from Katherine could appear on the plates of Chinese consumers in the near future as part of a bid to boost the profile of Australian-grown fruit in the booming market.

Michael Daysh, market development officer with the Territory government’s Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries, was part of a delegation that attended the China Fruit and Vegetable Fair earlier this month and said there was a growing momentum to improve on the 90 tonnes of mangoes the country imported in 2014-15.


Michael Daysh says a recent visit to a fruit and vegetable fair in highlighted the potential for Australian mangoes – including those currently being grown in the Katherine region – in the Chinese market.

“The China market is so huge that mangoes by themselves have a big opportunity,” he said.

“Their mango season is winding down now, so by the time the Territory [season] is full steam in October, the market will be relatively empty.”

Mr Daysh said mangoes from Katherine would be sent to the country in November or December, adding that the blush seen on Australian fruit provided a point-of-difference to domestic Chinese varieties.

Source: http://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/3376357/chinese-mango-mission-displays-need/?cs=4733