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Drop in international sultana production could mean better prices for Australian growers

Australian dried fruit growers are hopeful a reduction in global sultana production will stabilise domestic prices.

Drought in the United States and frost and hail damage in Turkey has led to an eight per cent drop in the international sultana crop.

Chair of Dried Fruits Australia Mark King said prices for Australian growers will remain steady or rise and be more competitive with foreign produce coming in to the country.

“One would hope that the price for Australian dried fruit will either stay where it is or go up a bit,” Mr King said.

“Because the Australian dollar’s gone down and for the first time for a number of years that I can remember the product that comes in to Australia isn’t cheaper than Australian product.

“It looks very positive for Australian growers.”

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-01/sultana-price-tipped-to-improve-for-aus-growers/6989336