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Indian potato farmers to receive subsidy

The target is to cover 5,000 hectares with financial assistance from Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY) .

“Since about 68% of the farming community is small and marginal in the State and most of them are unable to procure seed potatoes as per their requirement due to non-availability of adequate funds, it has been proposed to provide assistance on material components and assist the farmers for growing potato crops in their own fields.” sources in the Horticulture department said.

The subsidy is limited to Rs 30,000 per hectare and farmers are eligible for the subsidy for a maximum of 2 hectares of land each.

The input cost per hectare of potato cultivation has been estimated at Rs 80,000. With an average potato seed requirement of 20 quintals per ha, the cost of seed materials is Rs 60,000. It has been decided upon to provide Rs 30,000 of input cost to farmers after the planting of potatoes while the remaining Rs 50,000 will be the farmers share.

The seed requirement for covering 5,000 hectares of land under potato cultivation in 2015-2016 rabi season will be 100,000 per quintal.