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New Zealand Frozen Berries Free From Disease, Retailers Assure Consumers

Frozen berries in New Zealand are free from Hepatitis A. New Zealand retailers have assured consumers that their berry products are safe from disease after a brand of frozen berries was recalled in Australia due to possible contamination.

New Zealand Herald reports that a full national recall of Nanna’s frozen mixed berries was issued by the Victorian Health Department in Australia. The frozen berries brand is stocked in Coles, Woolsworth, IGA and other smaller retailers. Australian company Patties Foods distributes the berries that are packed in China.

The full recall of the Nanna’s frozen mixed berries has attracted angry consumers to react on the company’s Facebook page. Miles Carlier, a consumer who bought the berries two weeks ago, has complained of constant nausea, abdominal pain, fevers and loss of appetite. He said he had lost weight of more than 5 kg after consuming the berries.

He wrote on the company’s page that he spent over $100 on medication and doctors appointments. Carlier said he has to go back to his doctor again to be tested for Hepatitis A.

If the company offered a refund to consumers affected by the contaminated batch, Carlier believes it would not be enough. He added that his wife and 2-year-old child was placed in harm’s way. “You have endangered the health, safety and well being of me, my family and countless other people,” ranted Carlier.

The Victorian Farmers Federation has urged consumers in Australia to buy local products after the possibly contaminated berries were pulled out from supermarket shelves. The organisation said the case has only highlighted the dangers of cheap imported products, reports The Herald Sun.

New Zealand retailers said they do not sell the same brand of frozen berries in the country. A spokesperson for Foodstuffs, parent company of New World, Pak’n Save and Four Square, claimed the company was not alerted of any issues on food safety. The spokesperson said the Ministry for Primary Industries has not issued any product recall for frozen berries.

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