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Value of Australian cherry exports increase 25% in 2014 by Hari Yellina

The Australian cherry export season has concluded with 2,737 tonnes exported worth A$39.2 million. The result was 5.2 per cent below last year’s record volume though 25 per cent higher by value with higher unit values recorded aided by strong demand and a lower exchange rate

Key results – October to February 2014

  • Hong Kong accounted for 43 per cent of the export volume in 2013/14 season and increased 6 per cent to 1,180 tonnes.
  • Taiwan finished 24 per cent lower with 475 tonnes all recorded from Tasmania accounting for 17 per cent of trade.
  • Singapore dipped 20 per cent to 286 tonnes.
  • There were 151 tonnes exported direct to China making China the 4th largest destination.
  • By state, New South Wales lifted 7 per cent to 848 tonnes, Victoria dipped 5 per cent to 488 tonnes while Tasmania’s export figures recorded a decline of 11 per cent to 1,328 tonnes though still accounting for a leading 49 per cent of all cherry exports.
  • Australian cherry exports were valued at $39.23 million for the 12 months to February 2014 reflecting a price point $14.33 per kg.

The next report scheduled by 15th May will provide a detailed summary of competitor performance (subject to data being available), and the final report in June will include analysis of market performance in key markets in Asia for 2013.

source : http://www.australianexporter.com.au/2014/04/10/value-australian-cherry-exports-increase-25-2014-hari-yellina/